On average, a home loses between 20 – 30% of its heat through the walls.  A lack of insulation could make this number worse!

A poorly insulated attic could create further losses of up to 30%.

Insulation will reduce heat loss and heating bills!

Want to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions?  Externally insulating can help achieve this!

The SEAI provide a range of wall and attic insulation grants which can help make any home more energy efficient and comfortable. As a contractor registered with SEAI, we can help  choose the best insulation type required in the home so inquire today!

  • Apartment (any) OR
    Mid-terrace House
  • Semi-detached OR
    End of terrace
  • Detached house

Completing three upgrades, the grant value will be increased by €300 furthermore, completing four upgrades increases the grant value by an additional €100, as a result you are now €400 better off!

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Depending on when the electricity meter was installed on your property you may be entitled to a grant!  Properties built on or before 2006 with an electricity meter being installed on or before 2006 are eligible so apply today!