External Wall Insulation

What is External Wall Insulation?

External Wall Insulation (EWI), which is also referred to as ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems) is a method of insulating the outside walls of either a new or existing house.

This involves directly installing insulated panels onto the walls and then applying a dash/acrylic finish or render to complete.

External Insulation has a number of advantages not only increasing thermal performance. It also improves the overall air-tightness of the home. We achieve this by eliminating air leakage through the external walls.

  • External Wall Insulation involves fixing insulation to the outer surfaces of walls to that the house is effectively ‘wrapped’ in insulation.
  • The insulation is then covered with a render, giving your home a fresh new look (you can match existing to get a fresh new look, including brick finishes).
  • Installing External Wall Insulation is the single biggest contributor to improving your BER rating.

I’m still not sure…

Never fear, here at Wall Wrap Ltd External Insulation, we are in the business of keeping you warm!  We remind you that not only will external insulation lower your heating bills in the long run but it will also lower your green house gas emissions!  Not to mention your property will get an external transformation with no invasion to quality of life or living standards!

Why Wall Wrap?

Why Wall Wrap we hear you ask?  Well, fully registered with the NSAI in both dash and acrylic systems and under two different brands.  With endless diversity and choice on offer our survey process is free and easy, just use our contact form and our surveyor will be in touch.

Are you eligable for a grant?  If so we are a registered SEAI contractor!

How long does it take and what should I expect?

Our process takes approximately two weeks, as mentioned it should have little impact on your standard of living.  We install and remove any equipment needed such as skips and scaffolding. We guarantee to leave your property as tidy as when we first entered!




An adhesive is applied to the insulation material using a ribbon and dab method to ensure stability.


Insulated Board

The insulation material is then applied to the exterior of the property using mechanical fixes.

Stress patches

Reinforced patches are applied to all corner areas, around the windows.



A glass fibre mesh is applied as another layer so the base can be applied and to reinforce the area.


Base coat

An even layer of premium base coat is applied to the entire insulated area ensuring extra resistance.


Finishing Coat Render

The selected pre-coloured render is then applied to the entire area.